Remove the Flywheel on My Go Kart

We had been speaking about ignition systems and their repair, however one critical thing is flywheel removal. Especially when you have an engine with points. Typically the points are below the flywheel, and once they pass bad, the flywheel have to be removed.

You will find out that flywheels have illusive retention devices, specifically the fast rewind structures that encompass ball bearings.

You may also discover that after you parent out a way to put off the “rapid rewind cog machine” that the flywheel is constant pretty difficult at the crank shaft.

This article is ready:

– How to to begin with put off the “rapid rewind cog gadget.”
– Secondly the way to dispose of the cussed flywheel
– And finally how to put it all lower back collectively again.

It ought to be noted that the flywheel has fins on it. If any of these fins grow to be broken, the engine turns into out of stability and vibrate intensely. If the fins are damaged, the flywheel is junk, so be very cautious across the fins.

To take away the “fast rewind cog” use a pipe wrench and a screw motive force. The pipe wrench is placed on the “fast rewind cog” and the screw driving force is inserted in between the cast iron fins. (Note: there are aluminum fins, stay away from them, they may ruin)

Rotate the crank shaft so that the screw motive force is pressed towards an immovable item. Another approach that’s more forgiving, is to wedge a chunk of timber (this works excellent while the engine is established to the engine mounts on the cross kart) beneath the flywheel. This acts like a wedge brake.

Gently press down at the pipe wrench. Excessive pressure isn’t needed right here. The “speedy rewind cog” commonly comes off as an alternative without difficulty then.

A word with respect to the “rewind cog”: except you like chasing ball bearings all around the ground, remember the fact that typically a display covers the rewind. Remove the screen, BUT placed the retention screws back in location right away. This makes the “rewind cog” live collectively, and additionally be handy to the pipe wrench.

Next the flywheel is caught at the crank shaft with a press suit. Actually the flywheel is press suit using a cone shaft aperture at the crankshaft. The item is to “pop” the press suit. To do that normally a surprise desires to be brought into the system.

There are two techniques that paintings nice. First surprise the quit of the crank shaft with a very difficult piece of wooden and a mallet. Note: do now not use metal on metallic, the quit of the crank shaft becomes mushroomed over and end up unusable. Repair is normally not attainable.

There are gear to be had that you placed on the give up of the crankshaft, but even they can harm the crankshaft. So be careful to apply minimum blows at the crank. And in case I did not make myself clear, the blows are regular, or perpendicular, or axial to the crankshaft, no longer to the side of the crank, however to the end of it.

Sometimes that does not work. If the engine has been sitting round for years, or is over 10 years antique, the crank may also have rusted in part to the flywheel.

Use a bit penetrating oil at the flywheel, crank interface.

Then pry the back of the flywheel, very gently, and frivolously with a flat head screw motive force, or maybe a prybar. Very mild motion is wanted. If you’re reefing at the screw driver, there is something incorrect. (something else is protecting the flywheel on!)

The flywheel need to “pop” off proper away, so make certain to catch it before it flies off and falls on the ground. I advise having a trap device such as rags or cardboard.